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On the Cusp of Greater

The time is no longer near but here, there is no room for fear; Make with haste the decision, the choice, the command for change,

Divine manifestation will follow, think it not strange!

To be upon the cusp is to realize an important moment…

The suffering of time past has provided enough torment;

To arrive at a point where two things meet,

I’ve endured too long now to accept defeat!

I’ve understood the sense of urgency and forward I must go;

I’ve experienced the mountain high and I’ve toured the valley low.

Time has been my teacher, pain provided me strength;

Many powerful lessons I’ve learned and all in great length.

Every moment has prepared me for the greater moment to come,

Lord I’m a long way from where I started from!

These moments combined have made me and better now than later,

These defining moments have brought me to the cusp of greater!

Stagnation I refuse, my soul I will not lose;

Evolution will lead to growth, the only other option is extinction,

Faith is either passive or aggressive, depending upon your distinction.

Let’s not repeat the journeys of yesterday past,

Let’s blaze new trails of hope and leave impressions that will last.

Why now, why me, why us, should we?

Don’t disturb the peace, don’t rock the boat, just let it be!

That may suffice you, however it no longer challenges me…I’m on the cusp of something greater you see!

Greater peace, greater power, growing greater every hour!

Greater faith, greater joy, as the Word of God I employ!

Greater finances, greater stewardship, greater service, all in earnest.

Greater victory, greater love—for you and for me.

There is no end to this list, otherwise something would be missed;

You see I won’t stop, now or later, because I’m on the cusp of greater!