Servant Leaders

We Serve!

Traditionally: Believe → Become → Belong
This Generation: Belong → Believe → Become

We must minister to the needs of all people!

We lead by example and live like God is always watching.
We make it happen!
Our hearts, minds, and lips are also his.





Avis Smith, Chair

Virgil Street

Silas Moore

Samuel Reid

Chipolla Street, Chair

Carolyn Blanding

Dorothy Moore

Dorothy Bunkley

Velma Speed

Reverend Copelia Madzivanyika

Minister Patricia King

MIT Sylvia Armstrong

Monica Bass, Chair

Veltrina Ray

Mildred Lewis

Robert King

Queen Madzivanyika (Jr. T)

Mother Velma Speed, Coordinator

Robert King, Coordinator

Darryl Murchison Jr., Worship Leader

The Instruments of Praise (Praise Team)

Perfect Praise Mass Choir

Rachell Thomas, Coordinator

Avis Smith, Superintendent

Children- Veltrina Ray

Youth- Patricia King

Teens- Brittany Raines

Adults- Sylvia Armstrong & Copelia Madzivanyika

Avis Smith

Robert King

Velma Speed

Sylvia Armstrong

We prepare, plan, and perform in excellence because: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Perfomance!
5-P Plan