About Us

A Brief History:

In 1937 a small band of Christian witnesses felt compelled to start a Missionary Sunday School in Lillington, N.C.  Deacon W.T. Fuller and Mrs. Carrie Lampley Atkins organized this mission and the first service was held on April 17, 1937. The Reverend G.T. Moore of Raleigh, N.C. presided over these services and later Mr. John D. Spears of Lillington offered a home for this group to use for regular church service.

In 1938 the membership increased from 12 to 29 and the first members were Deacon W.T. Fuller, Mrs. Carrie L. Atkins, Mrs. Missie Richardson, Mr. Louie Lampley, Mrs. Margaret McLean, Mrs. Rosa Parker, Mr. Sandy Patterson, Mr. Banks Street, Mr. Edward Council, Mr. Percell D. Ferrell, Rev. J.E. Marks and others soon joined like Mrs. Moselle Lampley, Mrs. Annie Street Hall, Mrs. Ida Harris, Mrs. Esther Pearl McNair, Mrs. Mamie Meekins and Mrs. Julia Banks.  In 1939 the first church site was purchased and in 1952 the current site was purchased and a new sanctuary was completed.  The former cemetary land was donated by Mrs. Missie Holiness.  Several advancements, changes and challenges have occured as this ministry has grown and developed.  As we continue to grow we also continue to adapt and what makes any of this possible is the dedication and service of determined Christian men, women and children!

Many wonderful preachers, teachers and leaders have filled the pulpit of this church.  There was a period of 9 months (January-September) in the year 1945 that the church had to continue without a pastor and during this time students from the Shaw Divinity School filled the pulpit. Among those ministers was the late Rev. Dr. G.D. McNeill, who went on to serve two local churches in the community as Pastor.  The former Pastors of LFMB include:

 (1937) Rev. G.T. Moore, (1939) Rev. H.R. Holt, (1940) Rev. J.R. Stanford, (1943)
Rev. A.L. Mason, (1945) Rev. E.A. Parham, (1950) Rev. E.A. Heartley, (1956) Rev. J.J. Reese, (1962) Rev. J.P. Dempsey, (1964) Rev. G. Robinson, (1967) Rev. W.T. Grimes, (1968) Rev. James A. Raye, Sr., and (1982-2012) Rev. Dr. Queen B. Penny.  Our current pastor is Rev. Sheral L. Raines (2012- current).

Under Pastor Raines’ tenure the church has embarked on a transformational journey to become more effective in our purpose, power and witness to the world.  He has been committed to better equipping disciples to do greater works and has led this church to become better suited to minister to this present age.  We have equipped this facility with WIFI and other internet services, computers, upgraded church office equipment and purchased this website!  We have completed a $70,000.00 renovation project which has included new carpeting, pews, choir stand chairs, 3 new HVAC units and a remodeled fellowship hall.  We have established community partnerships with the Johnston-Lee-Harnett Head Start program and with other county agencies to include the Harnett County Health Department, Department on Aging, Partnership for Children and Cooperative Extension to provide an annual Harnett County Back-to-School Rally in which we provide for more than 200 children.  He has also put us back to work serving in the community.  Our Christian Education training initiatives and Missionary Motto has been:  “Christians Unleashed: Serving God By Serving Others!”  and he is teaching us how to be “Faithful Families:  Committed to Worship, Connected to the Community & Dedicated to Discipleship!”  He has led us to redefine and re-purpose how we lead our internal ministries and auxiliaries.  One of his goals for us has been to get every disciple to understand that every member ministers and that every ministry matters.  He led the reorganization of our Music Department and founded the Perfect Praise Mass Choir and Instruments of Praise (Combined Praise Team) and hired full-time musicians.  We have commissioned Junior Trustees, added to both the Deacons and Deaconess’ and many others to service in the Lord’s church.  Pastor Raines has sought to use his youthful energy to model service and to lead by example.